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Welcome to MXA.

McIntosh Xaba and Associates (Pty) Ltd (MXA) is a Southern African grouping of public sector development, management and facilitation consultants. MXA was established as a partnership in 1995 and has built up a considerable base of experience and skills since then. It has grown to its current position of some 25 of the top sectoral specialists located within different provinces within South Africa. MXA is continuously updating its database of consultants from the Southern African region with the aim of becoming the foremost supplier of expertise from the region for the international consulting market. The partnership has since been succeeded by a limited company in 2002 to better facilitate growth and to enable it to extend its ownership profile to better reflect the South African population.

MXA is a 66% black-owned company which has sought and continues to seek to increase its black and female associates with a view to enabling them to compete effectively within the professional consulting environment. MXA's diverse, flexible network of associates is an ideal empowerment model for the meaningful advancement of previously disadvantaged individuals, as well as a vehicle for attracting top national and international expertise.

MXA is a certified level 2 B-BBEE company. Click here to view our current B-BBEE certificate.